Leo Osorio

Born in Colombia and raised in the 305, Leo is an FIU hospitality grad and father of three who lives for the wild ride that is “the biz.” With 20 years in the Miami restaurant scene, there is no position in a restaurant he hasn’t mastered. When Leo’s not hard at work, you can be sure he’ll be sipping some bourbon, playing his Fender acoustic, or hanging out with his wife Alexis at a bar near you!


Joel Garcia

Born and raised in Closter, New Jersey to two Cuban parents, both entrepreneurs. Joel moved to Miami at 16 and then got his first job as a server at 18, then at 21 he discovered his love of bartending and became a Cicerone certified, lead bartender.  Eventually, he moved into bar management and is currently leading the charge at La Cocina Cocteleria. Joel is passionate about sports, drinking craft beer, and the art of a great cocktail, and is ready to keep learning, elevating and refining his skills.